“An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure” - B. Franklin

Families and employers in smaller communities tend to experience some shortage of access to primary care, and higher healthcare costs, while the local family practitioner is approaching retirement or has a full practice, and their local, often Critical Access, Hospital struggles operationally and financially.

RHS can help solve all of these issues. In fact, we have the financial flexibility and operational expertise to acquire, manage, or partner with local hospitals and medical practices, seeking an operating or financial partner to hire an additional practitioner, or to streamline their operations.

Through an acquisition of, partnership with, or capital injection into existing operations, our objectives are:

  • – To preserve, strengthen, and enhance local healthcare resources and infrastructures at risk of closure;
  • – To deploy our unique approach to primary care, specifically in the areas of payment systems, lean manufacturing, data analytics, quantitative modeling, and preventive healthcare and population health management;
  • – To provide in smaller communities, to families and to smaller employers, secured access to the most efficient and effective form of healthcare: primary and preventive healthcare.